FREE support DOES NOT include:

  • Setup and configuration of BigCommerce
  • Integrating 3rd party add-ons
  • Editing Theme Files
  • Advanced Customization using Code

FREE support includes the following:

  • How to Use the Theme Editor to customize your Theme
  • Bug Fixes
  • Replicating the Demo Store

How to Use the Theme Editor to customize your Theme

Example: There is part of your site that you want to change, but can't seem to find out what setting needs to be changed in the theme editor to accomplish it. Send an e-mail with what you're trying to do and here's what we'll do.

We'll check to see if it's possible to make the change using the Theme Editor.

IF YES: We'll reply with a solution and and how-to. 

IF NO: We'll let you know, and if it's relevant add it to the list of suggestions on how we can improve the theme. At this point, if it's a change you absolutely need, you can hire us or another BigCommerce developer to make the change using Advanced Customization.

Bug Fixes

Example: You've found an issue with your online store and think it may be a bug with the theme. Send an e-mail with instructions on how we can see the issue.

IMPORTANT: We investigate bugs on ALL sites using our theme. Even if you've done Advanced Customization, we will investigate the bug IF it hasn't been previously reported. IF you're the FIRST client to identify the bug AND you have done Advanced Customization we will apply the fix for free on your site, once release the fix on the theme. 

When we receive your e-mail the first thing we'll do is verify if the issue is already on the list of Identified Bugs. Any previously identified bugs can only be resolved for free by updating your theme when theme updates are released. If it's a new bug, here's what we'll do:

  • Upload the most recent version of the theme to your store.
  • Preview the uploaded theme, and test.
    (By previewing we don't affect your live site, but can test the bug with your store data.)

IF we see the bug:

We will schedule a bug fix for a future theme update. If you have customized your site through Advanced Customization, once the bug fix is released, we will also fix the bug on your site for free. 

IF we do not see the bug:

We will notify you that we are unable to see the bug and most likely the cause of the bug is related to a 3rd party add-on or advanced customization. The scope of the free support ends here.

Replicating the Demo Store

Example: There is something in the demo store that you'd like to replicate but can't seem to get it to look or work the same. Send an e-mail with what you're trying to replicate and we'd happy to share with you how we've done it. The only difference between the demo store and your store is the content.