This article covers how to customize your Athletic theme using the Theme Editor. 


The Athletic theme support Retina quality logos. To take advantage of this feature, please watch this video.

Theme Editor 

Next up is the Theme Editor. Once you've opened the Theme Editor for your Athletic theme, you'll see the following main sections:
  • History
  • Styles
  • Colors
  • Fonts
  • Settings
  • Visibility


As you make changes inside the Theme Editor, you can save them without publishing them. The History will show you all the versions you've saved and makes it easy to go back in time. If you're just starting, you can ignore this section but it may be helpful in the future.


You can skip this section since Athletic only has one style which is Original. It's currently applied by default.


We've grouped all available Color settings into this section so if you ever want to change a color on your site, this is where you'd make the change. Within this section, we've grouped colors together by elements. Watch our video on how we recommend customizing your colors based on your branding.


In this section you'll be able to change the Font Face and Text Size for most of the text elements that appear on your site. Not much to say here. Moving on...


Here's where you configure different features of Athletic which include default image sizes. Watch our video that explains the available settings.


We're super excited about visibility. With Stencil, the new theming engine on BigCommerce, we're now able to build in the ability to show/hide elements. Best of all when you decide to hide them, they no longer exist in the eyes of Google. Watch our video that explains the visibility settings.