Athletic 1.3.2 - 08/08/2019 
Hotfix Update

  • Fixed alignment of "Coupon / Gift Certificate" Apply button. Previously it wasn't properly aligned vertically with the input box. 

Athletic 1.3.1 - 07/31/2019 
Hotfix Update

  • Fixed related products display when not shown in tab. They were previously displaying as a carousel with misaligned content.

Athletic 1.3.0 - 07/15/2019 
Minor Update

  • Updated banner link color to match site wide link color set in theme editor. Previously all banner links were white. 
  • Merged updates from Cornerstone v3.5.1

Athletic 1.2.7 - 03/13/2019
Minor Update

  • Fixed wishlist dropdown link visibility. Links in dropdown were previously white so they weren't visible. 
  • Fixed wishlist remove button. Was previously not visible so items couldn't be removed from wishlists
  • Merged updates from Cornerstone 3.2.0

Athletic 1.2.6 - 01/16/2019
Minor Update

  • Fixed navigation bug that was introduced in 1.2.5. On mobile devices with long menus, instead of scrolling down on the menu, it scrolled the page behind the menu.

Athletic 1.2.5 - 01/02/2019

Major Update

  • Fixed whitespace on sides of square grid images
  • Reduced amount of space below h1 tags
  • Added sub pages dropdown to main navigation
  • Refined display of footer columns on smaller screens
  • Fixed AMP bug which prevented items from being added to the cart
  • Added link to cart in AMP navigation menu

Athletic 1.2.4 - 11/08/2018
Minor Update

  • Added support for PayPal Smart Buttons
  • Added setting to allow display of Phone Number in Header
  • Added setting in Visibility to toggle on/off the Brand display on the product card. By toggling off, it tightens up the Product Card.
  • Fixed bug of double tapping on large touch screen devices (monitors)

Athletic 1.2.3 - 08/10/2018
Minor Update

  • Removed category image from category page
  • Fixed reviews link so it scrolls to reviews tab and opens it
  • Show "Out of stock" button in place of "Add to cart" when product is out of stock
  • Change product grid to show 3 across on desktop when left column exists

Athletic 1.2.2 - 07/27/2018
Minor Update

  • Fixed the display of the "Show Subcategories" button appearing in the left column on Desktop.

Athletic 1.2.1 - 07/20/2018
Major Update

  • Added toggle on/off to display subcategories in the content area.
  • Added support for displaying subcategory images in the content area. 
  • Added Product Card Image, and Subcategory Image Aspect Ratio setting.
  • Added the ability to display up to 1,200 products per page as well as additional quantities of products per page.
  • Added Color variable for the Quick Search Results background.
  • FREE Shipping Text on Product Page now inherits the ON SALE badge color.
  • Optimized display of Recommended Search Results when no results exist, or too many results exist.
  • Fixed bug where when updating Quantities using the keyboard, an extra item was added.

Athletic 1.2.0 - 07/06/2018
Major Update

  • Integrated Google AMP with essential Theme Editor Variables.
  • Fixed empty image on carousel wrap.

Athletic 1.1.3 - 07/03/2018
Minor Update

  • Fixed bug where bottom of carousel was cut off.

Athletic 1.1.2 - 06/29/2018
Minor Update

  • Fixed spacing bug on carousel.

Athletic 1.1.1 - 06/20/2018
Minor Update but IMPORTANT

  • Fixed incorrectly referenced mods.scss file which was preventing editing theme files.

Athletic 1.1.0 - 06/18/2018
Major Update

  • Increased Site Speed (performance) based on Google Lighthouse
  • -- Mobile: Increased speed from 91 to 97
  • -- Desktop: Increased speed from 91 to 98

Athletic 1.0.7 - 06/06/2018
Minor Update

  • Added GDPR newsletter summary feature
  • Hide specifications tab if it's empty
  • Added store name above address in footer
  • Updated default product image size to 500px x 500px
  • Blog social icons now inherit general site wide link color and hover color
  • Final order page now includes site wide styles
  • Fixed bug where subcategories wouldn't expanding on mobile when facets weren't enabled

Athletic 1.0.6 - 05/07/2018

  • Theme launched.