Roots 2.4.0 - 02/13/2020
Minor Update

  • Increased width of page content on contact us page so content entered in WISIWYG is the full width of the site.
  • Fixed bug where product weight data on PDP was not reflecting variant weights when selected
  • Fixed schema markup for description and sku data on the PDP
  • Merged changes from Cornerstone v4.4.0 See version comparison here:


Roots 2.3.0 - 01/21/2020
Minor Update

  • Fixed styles for order confirmation page "See Details" modal on mobile. Previously the content wasn't visible when this modal was triggered.
  • Font size of home page product block headings are now controlled by the theme editor setting for h2 elements.
  • Fixed product page thumbnail bug where tall narrow images displayed taller than their containing box.
  • Merged changes from Cornerstone v4.3.1 See version comparison here:
  • Fixed bug with pre-order message displaying as "undefined undefined"


Roots 2.2.1 - 12/09/2019
Hotfix Update

  • Removed "Description" heading on product page when no description or videos exist. Previously would always show even when description field was empty.
  • Fixed pricing issue where default price wasn't matching the default variant price.
  • Removed black background from mobile carousel when no text is added the the slide.
  • Scroll to top of option form when action button is clicked. This ensures that any error messages on options are visible.
  • Removed height restrictions on carousel slides.


Roots 2.2.0 - 11/13/2019
Minor Update

  • Merged changes from Cornerstone v4.1.0 See version comparison here:
  • Fixed navigation bug where the dropdown would start with a blank column. This would happen if the first subcategory group contained more links than the number set in the theme editor setting for "Number of links per column in dropdowns".
  • Fixed bug with product images where main image wouldn't update after selecting an option whose rule changed the main image.
  • Show brands in simple list on /brands/ page if no brands have been assigned an image. Previously always showed "image coming soon" even when no brands had an image.


Roots 2.1.1 - 09/25/2019
Hotfix Update

  • Fixed un-clickable add to cart button on mobile product pages


Roots 2.1.0 - 09/18/2019
Minor Update

  • Fixed social share button links. Previously information parameters weren't being passed properly.
  • Reverted to previous lazy load functionality where a spinner is shown while images load instead of a blurry version of the image.


Roots 2.0.1 - 09/16/2019
Hotfix Update

  • Fixed issue where buy block would wrap below product image block (safari specific)
  • Added visibility settings for Amazon Pay & Google Pay footer icons
  • Added back apple Pay icon to footer - was erroneously removed in last update
  • User nav icons now inherit their color from the nav user link setting in the theme editor


Roots 2.0.0 - 09/11/2019
Major Update


Roots 1.0.5 - 09/03/2019 
Hotfix Update

  • Hotfix for product options overlapping product specs on mobile


Roots 1.0.4 - 08/29/2019 
Hotfix Update

  • Hotfix for product page display when using Yotpo reviews. Had been showing Yotpo reviews on same row as product image and buy block causing everything to be squished and unusable.
  • Added theme editor option to control number of recent posts to display on home page. Previously you were unable to remove this section using theme settings.
  • Fixed modal display on mobile. Previously the modals would display too low on the screen and the content wouldn't be visible.


Roots 1.0.3 - 08/27/2019 
Hotfix Update

  • Modified default number of blog posts that display per page to 6. This lines up better with the theme structure which displays 3 per row.
  • Added store design setting for number of blog posts to display per page so it can be modified by users.
  • Fixed visual bug of card image border caused by last update.


Roots 1.0.2 - 08/20/2019 
Hotfix Update

  • Adjusted placement of card image border to be attached to image instead of image container
  • Fixed social share icon link color on hover. Previously had been set to white, now inherits from general link color and general link hover color.


Roots 1.0.1 - 08/15/2019 
Hotfix Update

  • Updated support e-mail


Roots 1.0.0 - 08/13/2019 
Hotfix Update

  • First publish ready version of Roots