Roots 2.8.3 - 10/23/2020
Hotfix Update

  • Fixed required "*" showing on optional product option labels


Roots 2.8.2 - 10/22/2020
Hotfix Update

  • Fixed category sidebar logic
  • Modified order confirmation page styles
  • Added setting to customize header 'hamburger' icon colour on desktop
  • Fixed "Shop By Price" block visibility
  • Fixed sticky header functionality when BigCommerce admin bar is present
  • Fixed text logo getting cut off on mobile
  • Added global region to header for page builder
  • Fixed alignment of strikethrough on out of stock options


Roots 2.8.1 - 09/09/2020
Hotfix Update

  • Hotfix for carousel button. Previously the button wouldn't show unless a heading or text was also entered - it is now setup to show even if no other text is added in the carousel builder.


Roots 2.8.0 - 09/09/2020
Minor Update


Roots 2.7.2 - 09/02/2020
Hotfix Update

  • Added option to change the background color of the product grid blocks


Roots 2.7.1 - 08/25/2020
Hotfix Update

  • Fixed empty left column in deepest category level.


Roots 2.7.0 - 07/14/2020
Minor Update


Roots 2.6.2 - 06/10/2020
Hotfix Update

  • Formatting adjustment to order confirmation page when using one page checkout (not optimized checkout)


Roots 2.6.1 - 06/10/2020
Hotfix Update

  • Removed empty left column when shop by price is enabled and only one product is visible in a category
  • Removed schema translation file that had been added from last merge with cornerstone. This feature is not currently supported by Roots


Roots 2.6.0 - 05/29/2020
Minor Update

  • Added page builder regions to category-nofilters template
  • Fixed special character display in search results heading
  • Fixed stock display when set on the variant level
  • Fixed visibility of price in quick search results when login for pricing is enabled. Previously would show "Login for price" even when a customer was logged in
  • Merged changes from Cornerstone v4.6.1 See version comparison here:


Roots 2.5.6 - 05/19/2020
Hotfix Update

  • Fixed placement of page builder region on mobile product page


Roots 2.5.5 - 05/19/2020
Hotfix Update

  • Fixed accordion (show/hide) functionality on category filters
  • Updated currency dropdown background on mobile to inherit from navigation background setting
  • Fixed quick search bug on mobile where the input box would disappear after clicking into it. This was caused by the screen re-size triggered by the mobile keyboard appearing.


Roots 2.5.4 - 05/08/2020
Hotfix Update

  • Removed "responsive" option from Payment Buttons "Button size". This option breaks the display of the payment icons and causes them to get cut off.
  • Fixed bug on category page where empty left column would show when filters were turned off, and subcategories and shop by price were disabled for the left column. Now the product grid will take up the full width when the left column is empty.
  • Fixed alignment of quantity label on mobile product page.
  • Fixed display of special characters in logged in customers address display and product options display on cart page.
  • Fixed display of "Shop by price" on mobile


Roots 2.5.3 - 04/29/2020
Hotfix Update

  • Fixed visibility of price in related products block when login for pricing is enabled. Previously would show "Login for price" even when a customer was logged in.


Roots 2.5.2 - 04/27/2020
Hotfix Update

  • Updated theme editor setting options for # of products per page to max out at 100. This is to reflect the limitations of BigCommerce.
  • Removed page builder region from sticky header. 


Roots 2.5.1 - 04/09/2020
Hotfix Update

  • Fixed build errors relating to schema


Roots 2.5.0 - 04/09/2020
Minor Update

  • Fixed bug on product page in firefox where buy block would wrap below main image if image size was less than 60% wide.
  • Fixed left column shop by price block. Previously wasn't possible to enable.
  • Merged changes from Cornerstone v4.5.0 See version comparison here:


Roots 2.4.2 - 03/16/2020
Hotfix Update

  • Fixed bug with theme editor option "# of Product Reviews" where dimensions were shown instead of numbers


Roots 2.4.1 - 03/11/2020
Hotfix Update

  • Fixed bug where product card expanded on hover even when no action button or quick view button were enabled.
  • Fixed text logo bug where text would wrap onto multiple lines before taking up full width of logo container.
  • Fixed brands grid display bug in safari where first row would show 3 and second row would show 4.
  • Updated color of "show more" link in sidebar filters to match general site link color.


Roots 2.4.0 - 02/13/2020
Minor Update

  • Increased width of page content on contact us page so content entered in WISIWYG is the full width of the site.
  • Fixed bug where product weight data on PDP was not reflecting variant weights when selected
  • Fixed schema markup for description and sku data on the PDP
  • Merged changes from Cornerstone v4.4.0 See version comparison here:


Roots 2.3.0 - 01/21/2020
Minor Update

  • Fixed styles for order confirmation page "See Details" modal on mobile. Previously the content wasn't visible when this modal was triggered.
  • Font size of home page product block headings are now controlled by the theme editor setting for h2 elements.
  • Fixed product page thumbnail bug where tall narrow images displayed taller than their containing box.
  • Merged changes from Cornerstone v4.3.1 See version comparison here:
  • Fixed bug with pre-order message displaying as "undefined undefined"


Roots 2.2.1 - 12/09/2019
Hotfix Update

  • Removed "Description" heading on product page when no description or videos exist. Previously would always show even when description field was empty.
  • Fixed pricing issue where default price wasn't matching the default variant price.
  • Removed black background from mobile carousel when no text is added the the slide.
  • Scroll to top of option form when action button is clicked. This ensures that any error messages on options are visible.
  • Removed height restrictions on carousel slides.


Roots 2.2.0 - 11/13/2019
Minor Update

  • Merged changes from Cornerstone v4.1.0 See version comparison here:
  • Fixed navigation bug where the dropdown would start with a blank column. This would happen if the first subcategory group contained more links than the number set in the theme editor setting for "Number of links per column in dropdowns".
  • Fixed bug with product images where main image wouldn't update after selecting an option whose rule changed the main image.
  • Show brands in simple list on /brands/ page if no brands have been assigned an image. Previously always showed "image coming soon" even when no brands had an image.


Roots 2.1.1 - 09/25/2019
Hotfix Update

  • Fixed un-clickable add to cart button on mobile product pages


Roots 2.1.0 - 09/18/2019
Minor Update

  • Fixed social share button links. Previously information parameters weren't being passed properly.
  • Reverted to previous lazy load functionality where a spinner is shown while images load instead of a blurry version of the image.


Roots 2.0.1 - 09/16/2019
Hotfix Update

  • Fixed issue where buy block would wrap below product image block (safari specific)
  • Added visibility settings for Amazon Pay & Google Pay footer icons
  • Added back apple Pay icon to footer - was erroneously removed in last update
  • User nav icons now inherit their color from the nav user link setting in the theme editor


Roots 2.0.0 - 09/11/2019
Major Update

  • Merged changes from Cornerstone v4.1.0 See version comparison here:
    • Included in this update is support for future BigCommerce regions feature
  • Fixed issue where buy block would wrap below product image block
  • Fixed issue where quantity wouldn't update when manually entered on cart page


Roots 1.0.5 - 09/03/2019 
Hotfix Update

  • Hotfix for product options overlapping product specs on mobile


Roots 1.0.4 - 08/29/2019 
Hotfix Update

  • Hotfix for product page display when using Yotpo reviews. Had been showing Yotpo reviews on same row as product image and buy block causing everything to be squished and unusable.
  • Added theme editor option to control number of recent posts to display on home page. Previously you were unable to remove this section using theme settings.
  • Fixed modal display on mobile. Previously the modals would display too low on the screen and the content wouldn't be visible.


Roots 1.0.3 - 08/27/2019 
Hotfix Update

  • Modified default number of blog posts that display per page to 6. This lines up better with the theme structure which displays 3 per row.
  • Added store design setting for number of blog posts to display per page so it can be modified by users.
  • Fixed visual bug of card image border caused by last update.


Roots 1.0.2 - 08/20/2019 
Hotfix Update

  • Adjusted placement of card image border to be attached to image instead of image container
  • Fixed social share icon link color on hover. Previously had been set to white, now inherits from general link color and general link hover color.


Roots 1.0.1 - 08/15/2019 
Hotfix Update

  • Updated support e-mail


Roots 1.0.0 - 08/13/2019 
Hotfix Update

  • First publish ready version of Roots