Artisan comes with multiple pre-built content sections for your home page so you can quickly and easily showcase your products and categories.

To get started, navigate over to our code generating tool, The Artisan Block Builder, found here:


Our block builder tool allows you to configure all of the images, links, and text for these blocks to be specific to your store. It seamlessly generates custom html code based on the information you enter.

The builder is separated into 4 sections, one for each custom block. If you aren't looking to use all of the blocks, you can copy the code for each block individually, or scroll to the very bottom of the page where you can copy the code for all of the blocks together. 

Once you have your custom html code generated and copied, head back to your BigCommerce store admin and navigate to Marketing > Banners. From here you can either choose to edit an existing banner, or click on the "Create a Banner" button to make a new one.

Next you will want to go into the HTML mode by clicking on the "HTML" button in the upper right hand corner of the editor. This will open a pop up editor where you can enter HTML code.


Paste the code that you copied from the block builder into this popup and click the "Update" button. Next you can choose which page you want the banner to display on and if you would like it to show in the top or bottom banner position. To re-create the same visual as the demo store you will want to select it to show on the "Home Page" and in the "Top of Page" location. Click on the "Save" button to finalize your changes and make the banner live.

Important Notes:

BigCommerce only allows 1 banner per page in each of the provided locations. For example, the home page can only have 1 banner in the "Top of Page" location and 1 in the "Bottom of Page" location. We recommended that you use one banner for all of the combined code blocks.

* The content in the visual editor view won't look how it will look on your website. There are styles included in the theme which position the elements correctly based on the HTML structure in the code but these styles are not applied in the banner visual editor.